Lenus Highwind

Mal's Father


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Basic Information

Former CEO of IMORTaL
Married to Debra Oni-Goroshi
Related to Evelyn Highwind and Mal Highwind

Mal’s Fairly Evil Father


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Scarlett Highwind, Lenus Highwind is the CEO and Chief Researcher of Imortus Medical Observation, Reasearch Technologies and Longevity. He stands at 6’2" tall and a very attractive man. When he enters a room you know it. When his wife, died he quickly started seeing another woman, Debra Oni-Goroshi, and he did not seem to care what his son, Malstrom “Mal” Highwind, thought of it and shortly after they started dating they moved to a small town in Byron Falls and was told that through the week he would be alone, but He and Debra would be back on the weekends.

It has since been discovered that Lenus killed his first wife and also his Second in an attempt to find Imortality. He may have been successful. But in his defeat his brother, Evelyn Highwind, took him back to I.M.O.R.T.A.L. for “safe keeping”.

Lenus Highwind

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