Lark Harper

The Slightly Crazy Music Teacher


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Basic Information

Teaches at Byron Falls High School

The Slightly Crazy Music Teacher


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Lark Harper was probably AWESOME in his day. But years of Sex, Drug, and the all Powerful Rock and Roll have defiantly taken their toll on him. It is pretty certain that he always hears music in his head (if not voices in general) and is only about half in reality at any given time.
He stands at 5’10" with blue eyes. He never stands up perfectly straight and when he walks has a bit of a swing about him.

Lark Harper goes by Harper…
“I am not Mister Harper. Mister Harper is my Father… no really, my Dad’s first name was Mister… weirdest thing ever….”

Along with Music Class Harper is also in charge of Band.
Because of this Harper never holds detention himself and if a student needs to go to detention he finds another teacher to take them.

Currently he only hold classes at Forth Hour…

Lark Harper

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