Keen Alvis

The Hot and Nerdy College Guy


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Basic Information

Attends University Of Byron Falls

The Hot and Nerdy College Guy


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Keen is the type of guy who can do no wrong. He is not a jock, but rather a smart kid, but very popular. You see, Keen is the type of guy you just can’t help but like. Needs help in Chemistry? He has an afternoon free that he can help you with some tips and tricks. Didn’t get a ride home from school? No worries, Silver Meadows is on his way home to Iron Gates anyways. He is handsome, smart, charismatic, rich, and a bit mysterious at times… what girl at school wouldn’t want to be his girlfriend? And yet, most of the time he is single…

He is best friends with Parker Acton

Keen Alvis

Byron Falls High School Class of 2015 Bards_Tale