Jibri Obi

The Angelic History Teacher


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Basic Information

Teacher at Byron Falls High School

The Angelic History Teacher


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Mr. Obi is a warm hearted man.
He is 5’10" African-American man with light brown eyes.
He does not interfere with a lot of the politics and drama of Byron Falls High School, but if a student needs him he is there for them.

Some of the parents have a problem with Mr. Obi as they believe he teaches History more out of opinion then fact sometimes.

Jibri best friends is Alo Grey-Crow. Both seem to have a mutual opinion about the small town, though neither really voice it allowed to others.

Truths Revealed: Is actually the Angel Zephon – sent by the archangel Gabriel together with Ithuriel, to find out the location of Satan after his Fall.

Jibri Obi

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