James Fibonacci

Mayor of Bryon Falls


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Basic Information

Currently the Mayor
In a relationship with CeeCee Yoshida
Related to Joseph “Joe” Fibonacci, Lillian “Lilly” Fibonacci, Joseph Fibonacci Jr., Primrose Fibonacci, Roshan Fibonacci, Carolyn Fibonacci, Kelvin Fibonacci, Loraine “Lolly” Fibonacci, Marie Fibonacci

Mayor of Bryon Falls


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James is the Father of both Kelvin Fibonacci and Loraine “Lolly” LaRue.

He has been the Mayor since he was 25, and continues to be reelected… though there has not been many times someone has really run against him.

It is rumored, though, that maybe Buck Pavoni might run one day… just because he can…

James Fibonacci

Byron Falls High School Class of 2015 Demonicrose