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Teacher at Byron Falls High School

The English Teacher


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Mr. Charles just transferred to Byron Falls High after working at the University of Minnesota for 12 years. He is a very smart man but is very odd as well… at least compared to the other teachers. He is the only one who seems to like the cafeteria food.
He is very absent minded, and it is hard to follow him in class as he tends to ramble and get off topic.
A lot of times it feels like the book choices he picks for the students to read are the most stereotyped choices one could make for a High School English Class… nothing off the beaten path, nothing unique, and even by Byron Falls standards are way over done.

No one knows why Mr. Charles came to Byron Falls…
It is known he got fired from U of M though.
It was quite the scandal for the summer among the hen-talk.
Mr. James Charles:
Just got fired from University of Minnesota
Recently divorced
Living in a one bedroom apartment in Silver Meadows
And just over all a very odd, odd man…

James Charles

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