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Former Owner of Flint Cinema


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Former Owner of Flint Cinema


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Hugh Flint has owned and operated Flint Cinema for 25 years. He loved nothing more then to bring joy to the students in Byron Falls, though they did not always agree in his taste in movies.
Hugh never really liked “New Hollywood” and believed the were the best as long as they were before 1985. Though ever now and then he would bring something he considered current to the silver screens… in fact one of the last movies to run right before school started was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.
But Mr. Flint has now gone missing
No one knows where he has gone
His family is worried for him as he is a man of habit and is always home by 11pm everyday… but today…

Hugh left his beloved Cinema to his niece Olina Flint who recently just moved into town.

Hugh Flint

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