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Teacher at Byron Falls High School

The Art Teacher


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Mr. Robin stands about 5’4”. He is a sturdy older man with very rich brown eyes, almost red some would say. His fingers are long almost like the pencils he works with. He doesn’t smile often but when he does it is noted he has a very wide grin with large teeth.

Mr. Robin gets frustrated with his students very frequently and thinks it is hopeless to find anyone with any real “talent for the arts” in this small town… and yet he never leaves…
He has been seen having the occasional fit with other teachers and has to be brought back to his senses by Mulo Delano.

He always wears a red beret. He walks with a kind of a stiff limp as if both legs are in heavy braces.

Nobody really likes to take Art class. Students love doing art and some would probably be great artists… but no one really wants to take art class.
It is known that Mr. Robin is loathing, critical, over judgmental, nasty little man. And who can have a creative expression in that environment….

Herman Robin

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