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Staff at Byron Falls High School

The Bus Driver


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Elda is an…. interesting bird to say the least…
She drives the school bus for Byron Falls high school, and she drives it like she stole it.
It is known that if you have a delicate school project that can’t be crushed (or a delicate stomach for that matter), do not take the bus.
That is not all that is crazy with Elda.
She is always smoking a cigar, and when stepping on to the bus it is noted that she smells like the old swamp on the other side of Steel Rails mixed with old cheese and half a bottle of cheap musk perfume purchased from Road’s Pharmacy.

Elda is the only member of faculty known to live in the Steel Rails district. She could probably live in a small apartment in Silver Meadows but she has always said it doesn’t fit her tastes and would feel out of place.

Elda Underhill

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