Dustin Dakota

The Genius Poor Kid


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In 12th Grade at Byron Falls High School
Works at Stardust

The Genius Poor Kid
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Dustin has never gotten a break in life. He lives with an alcoholic father and a trashy mom, plus 7 siblings of which he is the oldest of. The problem is the whole town knows about all of their family’s problems, including how some of his brother’s and sister’s may not be his dads, how there is yelling nearly every night from their trailer in Steel Rails, and how Dustin will be lucky if he becomes anything other then what his dad is…

His parents died in April of 2013, luckily he managed to get a job just before hand so his family isn’t starving.

Fluent in French
Is a Genius

Dustin Dakota

Byron Falls High School Class of 2015 Bards_Tale