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The Dwarven Shop Teacher


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Teacher at Byron Falls High School

The Dwarven Shop Teacher


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There is one thing Mr. Brogan informs his class before anything else…
His name is Mr. Brogran… not Mr. Bro… Call him Mr. Bro and you are in for a world of hurt.
Mr. Brogan is a very solid man, despite his height. He stand at 5’ but is shaped and a square and is all muscle.
He is no weekend warrior either, while in class or on his own time Mr. Brogan is a patriotic biker through and through.
He has a deep gravely voice that intimidates a lot of students.

Mr. Brogan comes off as a hard rock, but he has his sensitive side, and has been known to shed the occasional tear when something touches him deeply. He stays in the Shop class room most of the time and doesn’t socialize with much of the other staff.
A lot of parents are not very happy with him, especially those who live in Silver Meadows, for he is known to come home at all hours of the night/morning revving his Harley through the quiet suburban street.

Lately Mr. Brogan has been seen a lot at The Diner. He comes in about 6 o’clock after school. He ususally sits at the bar. Lynde Selima always knows exactly what he is going to order and usually takes a few minutes of her busy day to talk with him. He stays there usually till just before close (9 o’clock pm). He leaves a tip, and leaves a smile for Lynde, and goes home….


  • Brogan is a master blacksmith of the forge

Durin Brogan

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