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The Gorgeous Fey Prince


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Related to Cornelius Whitewood, Thanos Clement, Garrick Oxford, Cricket Aisling, Warren Foster and Guthrie Tamber

The Gorgeous Fey Prince


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Devyn just arrived to Byron Falls. No one is sure what part of town he lives in. He is beautiful, mysterious, charming, and available. Rumors are running around about where he came from and why he is now in Byron Falls. Some say he was a model that needed to escape the high pressure life and run away to a small town. Some say he is actually from Canada and his parents are running away from the Mounties. Others say he is just like every other kid in the town and his parents dragged him here against his will thus depriving the rest of the world of his beauty unfairly.
No matter why he is here, he is sure to make some waves in the small town.

Devyn was at one point dating Roxanne “Rocky” Rhodes

It is known he is Cornelius Whitewood younger brother
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Devyn Scarlet

Byron Falls High School Class of 2015 Bards_Tale