Cynthia Goga

Foreign-Language Teacher


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Teacher at Byron Falls High School

Foreign-Language Teacher


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Ms. Goga is a very tall women, at 6’. She is long and thin has a very sculpted face.
She is known for always keeping her head covered, she says it is in morning of her late husband, but he died nearly 10 years ago… and it also doesn’t explain why she always wears rose colored glasses as well.
Every word she speaks is exaggerated and drawn out, pronunciation to perfection. Her sentences are long and descriptive. Some wonder why she is not the drama teacher.

Ms. Goga’s late husband is not truly “dead”… he is missing… assumed dead…
The local sheriff never found the body… or much of anything. Cynthia called him in missing and the only sign of foul place was his car crashed into a tree while trying to leave Byron Falls…
Every since that day Ms. Goga has covered her head…

Ms. Goga has promised Kelvin Fibonacci that if he gets an A in her class she will translate the school Motto for him…

Cynthia Goga

Byron Falls High School Class of 2015 Bards_Tale