Cornelius Whitewood

The Seelie Fey Math Teacher


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Basic Information

Teacher at Byron Falls High School
Related to Devyn Scarlet, Thanos Clement, Garrick Oxford, Cricket Aisling, Warren Foster and Guthrie Tamber
Also Known As Vlad Whitewood

The Seelie Fey Math Teacher


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Mr. Whitewood is a friendly, all be it nerdy, Math teacher at Byron Falls High School.
He is a bit clumsy and at times disorganized, but always has a warm smile on his face.
He is a very lean man and stands at 5"11". His hair is just starting to reseed giving him a distinguished forehead.

Mr. Whitewood is now helping our young band of heroes on their quest to protect the town of Byron Falls as it seems there is always something that needs protection from.
He has access to books the students normally do not.
His Black Board slides open only at his touch to reveal a secret place for this knowledge.
He has slipped recently saying “Look, when I summon things they are never…. what I mean is that I hardly doubt that any upstanding citizen would know how to summon a demon”.

Never Late on Wednsdays

It is known that Mr. Whitewood has the most beautiful class room at Byron Falls High School. There is a whole wall of windows that point north, his desk is hand carved with oak leaves and ivy. The walls have wood paneling and even the classroom student desks are antique.
He is also allowed to bring his pet owl, Archimedes, with him each day. The two are inseparable.

It has come out that Mr. Whitewood lives in Silver Meadows
Whitewood s house

Apparently Mr. Whitewood was once lovers with Loa Boutin

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Cornelius Whitewood

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