Conner Seath

Werewolf Grounds Keeper/Janitor


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Basic Information

Staff at Byron Falls High School
It’s Complicated with Alexi “Alex” Syaoran

The Werewolf Janitor


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Conner is the Janitor at Byron Falls High School. He is the only alumni to work at the school.
He is friendly to the students, and for the most part does not rat them out when he observes the small prank or misbehaving.
He is 5’8" and keeps himself a little on the scruffy side.

4 years ago Conner was going to be GREAT! He was all set to leave the little town of Byron Falls. He even had a full ride scholarship to University of Minnesota to play on their football team at the star Quarterback…
but then… it all changed…
No one knows fully what happened. The day before graduation Connor pulled a prank on Vice Principal Mulo Delano. Know one knows what the prank was. Know one knows what happened to Conner that day in Mr. Delano’s office, but Connor got detention… and decided not to leave Byron Falls….

Conner Seath

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