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The Wishful Chief Editor


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Basic Information

Attends University Of Byron Falls
In a relationship with Errol Rudy

The Wishful Chief Editor


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Cecilia is the Editor of everything at school except for the Yearbook. Just because the school made her give it up. Which means she holds a lot of power in the little High School.
But the problem is she is very busy in her work. So busy she misses little things:
Like that the whole student body started turning into Zombies
Or that there might be someone or something living in the clock tower
Or that Mulo Delano has never been seen in the sun
Or that her own boyfriend Errol Rudy is a werewolf
You know… little things…

Pitter-Patter User Name: InsideScoop@CeciliaSofer

Cecilia Sofer

Byron Falls High School Class of 2015 Bards_Tale