Carrie Norris

"Scary Carrie" the Ghost of Highwind Manor


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Basic Information

Died July 1962 of complications with the Miss Byron Falls Pageant

“Scary Carrie” the Ghost of Highwind Manor


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Carrie was a normal Byron Falls girl… well almost. She was a popular girl. In fact she was “The Beautiful Smart Girl” while she was in school… and alive…
You see, Carrie is dead. She is a Ghost.
She was running for Miss Teen Byron Falls.
It was known she wasn’t going to win.
She had broken a heal at the last moment on the Formal Wear section.
But it was known she was going to be second.
And then she never showed up for the winner announcements.
She was found on the font lawn of her Parent’s house, now Malstrom “Mal” Highwind’s house, dead and her body broken. The sheriffs said she committed suicide by jumping… conveniently…

Her picture here is what she looked like in life then death… how she would want to be remembered…

Carrie Norris

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