Brock Frick

The Quiet One


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Basic Information

Attends University Of Byron Falls
In the Boys of Summer

The Quiet Boy for Summer


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Brock is new in town, he just started this semester. Brock is one of the quiet ones… and it is always the quiet ones… problem is no one can ever pin it on him.
Those who know him know he is mischievous. He a prankster, and a trickster, and a bit of a deviant, down to always pushing the dress code and insisting on wearing a hat. But no one would ever guess it was him. He always has a smile, and is quiet, and can even be known to be helpful… so you know, the quiet ones..

Brock has managed to find a handful of friends though, and hangs out with Keen Alvis’s clique

Brock Frick

Byron Falls High School Class of 2015 Bards_Tale