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Basic Information

Born on September 13, 1996
In 11th Grade at Byron Falls High School
It’s Complicated with Sadie Blythe

The Ectomancer Hipster Artist
Soul Points 10/10
Sports: 0, Art: 3, Drama: 1, Study: 0, Detention: 1


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Brandon has lived in Japan for most of his life. His family moved to Tokyo when he was 5. Growing up in Japan was difficult early on as he was not only an outsider, but mixed race as well. Over time he was able to make friends. He has always been creative. He can draw and paint very well, having had many classes during school. He is also good with music and it is through his ability with mixing music that he first really made friends. But when it comes to photography he is truly gifted.

Not only is he gifted, he has a vision and his parents have encouraged and supported it. Living in Tokyo only helped improve his skills. He can shot almost any kind of photography, but is well know for his street photography where many critics have said that “Whether a person, an animal or a building Shinji appears to have captured the soul, the very essence of it.” He also has had success as a fashion and glamour photographer shooting for many high profile magazines.

When his parents told him they were moving back to America, he thought it would be great. They would be moving to New York, DC or some other city, but when he found out it was a small town in Minnesota he very nearly lost it. He is not happy with his father moving the family to the “ass end of the Earth.” In the two weeks that he has been in town he has spent most of his time shooting landscapes and the great retro architecture and vibe of the town. His mother finally put her foot down and told him he had to start school.

He met Trixie Torres several days ago. He captured her coming out of one of the stores in down town and shot several pictures of her. He may have caught her off guard when he approached her and asked her to sign a Model Release for the pictures.

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Brandon Shinji Thomas

Byron Falls High School Class of 2015 berdman