Andy Beng

Substitue Teacher


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Basic Information

Defeated December 2011
Owes the group a Favor
Also known as Andras

The Demon Substitute Teacher


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The new teacher in town. Black hair, dark eyes… no one remembers her moving in.

Andy likes to use a reward system in her class room. When you do something that she deems fitting you get a gold star. She has informed the class that the one with the most gold stars by the time she leaves gets an extra special surprise. Those who do not win obviously were not good enough and should really try harder like their other class mates if they ever want to make it anywhere.
Andy is currently only Staff because she has not been hired on as a full time teacher… she is just substituting for Vice Turnagen till he gets better. She has hinted that she wants to be the Drama Teacher as there is currently no Drama Class but according to Mulo Delano there is not room in the budget at this time… Andy is still asking though.

It is now also known that Andy and Amy Bronwen have known each other since Elementary School… where ever that was… they seem to have a bit of a Friend/Enemy relationship and like to compete on certain levels.

Andy Beng

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