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The Succubus Nurse


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Teaches at Byron Falls High School

The Succubus Nurse


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Everyone Loves Nurse Bronwen! Plain and Simple.
She is the lead beauty for Byron Falls. 5’11", blond, green eyed, and just… well perfect.
She was the original Miss Teen Byron Falls and Miss Byron Falls (the 18-25 year old competition). A few of the PTA Moms do complain about her though, more specifically the way she dresses…

Nurse Bronwen got her Nursing Degree online about 8 years ago and has been at Bryon Falls High School just as long.
Many find it odd that Amy is still single after all these years, even with so many young bachelors buying for her affection. She does date, but they never seem to last long and the guys are never the same after she leaves them….

Amy was the first “Miss Teen Byron Falls” and the first “Miss Byron Falls”. She donated her “Teen” crown to the High School Trophy Display as a contribution to the school. Every year she sits at the judging table to see who is worthy of wearing the crown next.

Amy Bronwen

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