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In 12th Grade at Byron Falls High School
In the Pretty Committee

The Trendiest Chick
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Ami’s parents have always been the cutting edge – at least by Byron Falls standards. They spelled Ami’s name they way they do in Japan to be trendy, they own a Prius, and they actually rebuilt their home in contemporary style in Silver Meadows, much to the chagrin of their neighbors.

Ami is much like them, her life is about making the kids at school say “wow, what is that/How did you get that?!?”. She is a good friend, but it is pretty well known that when it comes down to it, Ami comes first for Ami.

Ami is Best Friends with Loraine “Lolly” LaRue, and is the “Beta” in the Pretty Committee Clique.

Ami’s Soul Points just come back. We don’t know how but it seems when she looses them she gets them back easily.

Ami was in the Girl Scouts. Because of this she gets some of the benefits from the “Special Training”.

Pitter-Patter User Name: TrendyChic@AmiAdams

Ami’s House is the pain in Silver Meadows side. A few years ago her parents tore down their cookie cutter house and put up a brand new contemporary one… that doesn’t look like anything on the block. There is no other House in Byron Falls that looks like the Adams.
Ami s home
Ami s room Ami s living room

Ami Adams

Byron Falls High School Class of 2015 Bards_Tale