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The Shaman Computer Skills Teacher


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Basic Information

Died May 2013 of “Old Age”
Teaches at Byron Falls High School

The Shaman Computer Skills Teacher


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Mr. Grey-Crow is from the Lakȟóta Tribe, but moved to Byron Falls out of college. No one knows what brought him to the small town or really much about his personal life, though he is usually brought up much for the topic of hen-gossip at the local beauty shop Dying for Perfection.

Mr. Grey-Crow stands at 6’2". He is very protective of his students and is one of the few teachers that will stand up to Mulo Delano when he thinks a punishment does not fit the crime.
He is always seen with a red scarf around his neck in one form or another…

Mr. Grey-Crow is a very private man. He doesn’t speak much but when he does is friendly. He lives in Silver Meadows living community and is always on the lips of the local house wives.
His best friend at the school is Jibri Obi, and the two of them are seen usually together at lunch discussing… well no one really knows what they discuss, but they discuss it every day…

Mr. Grey-Crow volunteers to chaperone every dance and event, but is rarely seen at sports events.

Alo Grey-Crow created the Byron Falls version of Facebook called EyeScribe. You can only friend people who currently live in Byron Falls. If they leave their profile gets deleted until they move back

Alo Grey-Crow is the official sponsor of the Gaming Club.

During the first semester of Sophomore Year, Alo Grey-Crow got trapped in the spirit world by the virus he was here guarding. After the party rescued him, Grey-Crow agreed to re-seal the virus spirit away but the process took a large toll on him. He aged rapidly to an old man and during the second semester of Sophomore Year he passed away.

It is now known that Mr. Grey-Crow lives in Silver Meadows
Greycrow s house

Alo Grey-Crow

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