Alexi "Alex" Syaoran

The Female Alpha College Student


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Basic Information

Attends the University of Minnasota
It’s complicated with Conner Seath
In the Syaoran Pack “Rainbow Pack”

The Female Alpha College Student


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Alex was never bitten. She is a genetic Werewolf. Both her father and mother were Werewolves before they had her and thus pass the trait down. Because of this she grew up strong in the traditions and structure of a pack and makes a Wonderful Alpha. She put her pack together towards the end of High School/Early College. Most of those who are part of her Pack are from Byron Falls itself, and a lot from her graduating class.

She can be stricked as an Alpha when needed, knowing that when one gets soft they loose leadership. But unlike most pack leaders she is more willing to give someone a chance that normally wouldn’t fit into the group structure.

She is best friends with her Beta, Roger Torolf.

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Alexi "Alex" Syaoran

Byron Falls High School Class of 2015 Bards_Tale