Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

Yeah Junior Year

Things Get Complicated

The trip home from Japan was uneventful, accept for the rough landing at the end, okay the crash. A couple of days in the hospital and I was left with a broken leg. The first day of school and Lolly would not let me drive, so I had to tell her that I was giving Sadie a ride. There I was in the limo with Lolly, Trixie and then Sadie. That was the quietest ride ever.

The Start of School

Homerun is English, and he eats breakfast, which is just disturbing. Turns out this semester is going to be all about monsters starting with Frankenstein. This should be an interesting semester. I have Journalism for second period and I am now the photographer for the Yearbook, and I already have some interesting pictures.


So lunch was interesting. I decided to avoid Trixie for a bit and sit at a different table, so Sadie joined me until Tiffany came over and dragged her back to the Cheerleader table. Tiffany then decided to take up Sadie and I with Lolly and that was a mistake. After Tiffany walked back with her tail between her legs, Rocky caught her in the back of the head and I got pictures for the Yearbook. Bitch has to pay.

As the food fight started we made our way out of the cafeteria. Apparently Delano was having a bad day, as a pack alpha decided to renegotiate her baby daddy’s work arrangement. The spectacle was quite entertaining. I guess lunch will be interesting given the current group dynamics.

The Rest of the Day

The last two classes were Social Studies and Music. Social Studies is going to be the Tokugawa Shogenate. Music is going to be fun. Apparently we are staging Grease this semester, so that should be interesting. All in all school is going to be fun.



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