Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

Winter Formal and Winter Break

Winter formal was an… interesting experience. I’m still not convinced that these dresses Lolly keeps having me wear are necessary. They’re pretty enough, I guess, but… You can’t do anything like play hockey in them, so they’re sorta… useless? I dunno… Mal seemed to appreciate it.

Speaking of, I got to meet Mal’s ex, Mason, who was really cool. She’s a pretty cool chick, I enjoyed hanging out with her, and think I might go meet up with her when Mal’s not around. Do that “girl time” stuff, with someone not so girly-girl.

Back to the dance… I’m starting to wonder if there is ever an event in this town where crazy things don’t happen. First Lolly shows up with some new guy claiming to be from Canada. I’m not entirely sold though, guy said he was from Toronto but didn’t know anything about it. Maybe he was a shut-in?
Then there’s this other new kid, Brandon Shinji whatever, who Lolly’s clique is all over. I’m not sure I quite get it, but it wouldn’t be the first time their behavior mystified me.
To round out the night of newcomers there was this super creepy Japanese vampire(?) who freaked Mal out, and felt very,very unsettling just to be around. I’ve never felt so ill at ease just walking by someone. Mal and Mr. Delano didn’t seem to think it was cause for mass panic, so I guess I’ll just keep my distance for now.

We also lost Trish and Trevor, and while I didn’t really know them that well, its pretty sad. From what I understand, Trevor didn’t want to change back… I feel real bad for Rocky too. I’m going to try to help her out, and be a good friend. She’s been so nice, especially helping me with the whole… frolicking thing.

I’m pretty excited for Winter Break though. As much fun as I’m having here, I’m really anxious to go back home and visit my dad’s family for the holidays. Grandpa has a project he wants us to complete for Grandma before Christmas Day, so I have a feeling we’ll be working in the shop nonstop. I also can’t wait to catch Finn up on what’s been going on since the move.



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