Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

When Did Everyone Become Not Human Or Have They Always Been Like That And I Never Noticed

Recently Rocky told me monsters exist, I kinda already knew this, just in my world monsters drink beer and go to bed at 7pm because the day of watching soap operas was too taxing. They’ve never had claws and fangs before in the literal sense. Honestly, I’m still really freaked out by all of this and if Rocky wasn’t one of my oldest friends I would have run screaming from her. But I’ve known her a while and if she was going to hurt me she would have done it already. After I learned she was something called a Huldra I went to the library to find out more about them. What I found explains her mood lately and those pictures Billy showed me on his phone. Now I’m worried about her and freaked out.

She asked me to help her steal the weasel from our rival school, it’s Rocky and the money was too good, so I said yes. It was five of us packed into a truck, driving an hour out of town and talking about who isn’t normal. I learned about hunters, apparently that woman from the governor’s office was a hunter and might but out to kill Rocky for being not human….I don’t want to let that happen but I don’t know what I can do. That new kid, Brandon, made a really weird comment when we were getting out of the truck that got me thinking. It made me realize that Mal can’t be human and that makes sense, I guess, I just wish he wasn’t as scary as a vampire. Then Rocky let me ask really rude questions about him while he could hear us, so now I might have upset the vampire and a friend. So if Mal and Rocky aren’t human and Brandon might not be human and when I learned all of this someone said Lolly might no…I don’t want to think about it. Riding back watching the weasel staring at me from it’s cage I knew how it felt; trapped by bigger and scarier things and even if you wanted to you can’t do anything about it.

Once I got my cut of the money I buried it with the rest in the backyard, I’m up to $2000 right now but it still isn’t enough. I’m not saving up for anything like a car but if I can keep saving like this some of the bigger trailers might be affordable. Plus I might be able to scrounge up a stock boy job at the grocery. If I buy the trailer outright then it’s only 7 mouths to feed and cloth, I can do that, hopefully. She’ll barely notice we’re gone and he’ll still have her so he wouldn’t coming looking for us. Right?




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