Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

The Worst Sleepover Ever

So apparently I have dead relatives in the basement…who knew.

To commemorate the new school year I threw a sleepover for all my friends plus Raul and Kye, the new kid. Normally I would not invite a werewolf into my house but Mal swears he’s better than Tyler so I’m taking the risk. A few things happened at the sleepover to wreak my night. First, Cricket told Mal about Vlad which then trickled into Branden, Trixie and Olivia finding out. I think Rocky might have known all week. Then the house went on lock down while ghost started messing with us. It turns our it wasn’t ghosts. I lost part of my soul because of a yelling match with Mal where I called him on his body count in front of the wrong person. It hurts…I can’t really explain it anymore than that. I’ve had parts ripped out forcible before, it hurt just as much as last time I wasn’t prepared for it this time. Then, my dead ancestor tells Branden that my family line is going to die out of ectomancers with the next generation and really I can’t do anything about it. I might have continued the tradition but mom burned it out of me before nature could take its course. Finally all of my friends get unveiled and I find out Jeanie is an anchor of some creature from the traverse…yeah worst party ever.

The only good part of the night is Vlad didn’t like the idea of spin the bottle so he went upstairs. After the game I went up retrieve him and he was pacing about the room saying something about drama and then well he was there. It was one of those kisses where I think my heart might have stopped for a few seconds. I’m not sure where the world went there but it came back and he swore we weren’t going to do that again…something about special hell.



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