Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

The Assassin & The Sword

This weekend was exciting…..

I came up with the grand idea to trap Morgan, like we had trapped Cricket, in a circle. This by itself sounds like a great plan. A fey, even an unseelie, one trapped can’t use her magic or physically harm us. Worst case it would slow her down long enough to ensnare with a braid of human hair.

I’m still working on collecting enough hair for it. Finding human friends willing to donate is the hard part. I need a spell for telling the difference…maybe I can get Olivia to help me make glasses to see who the veil is broken on or not.

Firstly, I need to figure out how to inlay a three metal circles in my ceiling…I might need Garrick for this. He’s so so on the magic and probably won’t recognize it for what it is. Devyn is in on the plan but I don’t trust him with a with tools in general.

I still need to collect the materials for the actual spell. There are only two material that are a little hard to come by. A branch from the Juniper tree and water from the pools of Avalon. The rest is easy and if I don’t have it Whitewood won’t miss it. I borrow components for spells and he’s never said anything before. Some girls hit up their older boyfriends for beer and drugs, I use mine to get salamander eyes and ground quartz.

The Juniper Tree was difficult to figure out, apparently there are seven evil unseelie Princes. For some reason Whitewood has been hiding this from me. I can’t figure out why? What am I going to do run off to the unseelie world to get at him for physically holding out on me. Well I am going to run off to the unseelie world but only for a weekend to get a tree branch that’s not revenge it’s magic practice. Pools of Avalon, I know where they are and with Warren hiding out somewhere else, probably kidnapped by some gate loving cult, it won’t be hard to sneak in.

I discovered some bad news just before we left for the unseelie world. Mishka can’t travel through Mistletoe’s world, I haven’t been able to decipher Mistletoe’s name yet, because he’s one of the weird werewolves. So we have to travel through Elder’s world. I’m really worried about this. Supposedly, you can live but the book explains that they hate that plan it’s really bleak.

Well, I have survived a trip to Blackthorn, Rowan, Elder, Juniper and Avalon all in one go. The unseelie world is really messed up. First we get there and Blackthorn’s world is kinda odd. Rowan, the anchor not the prince, was really creeped out too so he was moving us briskly. We must have been noticed though because he took off in a gallop and I swear I hear six hoof beats behind us. Not six horses or one and half horses. Six hooves hitting the ground. Thankfully we didn’t see anything though.

Rowan’s world was really quite. The prince this time not the anchor. I don’t know why it was quiet or why we never saw him. The book did say he was really lazy. I don’t care though it was one less hassle to deal with.

Elder’s world looked a lot like a forest out of a movie. Completely normal filled with completely normal woodland creatures. OH WAIT! NONE OF THEM HAD EYES! It was soooooo creepy but we carried on with only one world to go to Juniper. Then Olivia spotted this patchwork mocking bird in a tree. It didn’t have the empty eyes but it was obviously made from a lot of different mocking birds. It flew fairly close to us and Mishka spiked it like a volleyball. It crashed into the ground it’s head barely attached and wing at the wrong angle. So much for stealth. He got to the bird first. We had something just short of a Mexican stand off for who go to keep the bird. Magic vs Werewolf. It wouldn’t have been pretty. Reason won the day though. I was the only one who could repair the bird and we needed to keep moving.

Juniper was were our luck of not running into any unseelie Princes failed. I swear we’d been there ten minutes when he found us. Feihelmden, the Prince of Juniper, Morgan’s Assassin and all around bad guy. My skin cracked. I’d been doing so well at holding the human form in the fey world but he broke my concentration. We were able to barter with him for safe passage. It cost us his brother’s birthday. Totally worth it. I wasn’t taking it home.

Mishka climbed the Juniper tree, once he found it. Feihelmden followed us the whole way…it was creepy. Then the werewolf and the panther anchor had a fight. He owes us four favors now and took us to Avalon. He likes his mother about as much as I like mine.

Avalon was a disaster and a half. I WOKE UP THE SEELIE ARMY! It was a complete accident. We saw Excalibur was we ended at the bottom of a dried up moat. Of course we were going to go play with it. The problem happened when I touched the sword and it came free. I blame my mother for this. It’s probably not Dad’s fault. Then there was a LION who was threatening us with his big claws when we entered the room with all the sleeping sidhe. I gave him the sword and claimed we were bringing it back to Arthurion. He bought it but who knew that was the key to waking them. We managed to get the water but almost had to take Arthurion home with us. Mishka talked him down, I think it’s a warrior bro thing. I’m not complaining. I was still really shaken up from the confirmed royal blood and unseelie world. We got a nice escort back to Byron Falls though. Easier trip out ever.

Olivia sent Whitewood pictures of the fey world with Feihelden in them…..Whitewood is going to be so pissed.



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