Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

Summer of Junior Year

This summer has been Psychotic! Lolly’s Sweet 16th birthday almost had a star invasion. Brandon and I hid the giant ice swan sculpture at the lake. Some where along the line it came alive, and is living in the lake, not melting, had has been given dragon feet to waddle around on. Believe it or not but I had nothing to do with giving it feet. That was Olivia and Cricket’s doing. Olivia some how made Amber psychotically of her and Cricket’s friendship and only a promise from Warren to make sure Olivia and Cricket are never alone together kept her from blowing up the northern half of the continent. I got a job at the Vet office. It has a capture and release program for supernatural creatures. Catch them and then put them back in the right realm if possible. I thought the spirit realm had weird shit. Olivia’s Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin moved into town (may have been before summer), and around the 4th of July the Mom’s got into a Better home and gardens war to see who could out do each other with pseudo-patriotism celebration. Uncle Sam exploded over those 2 houses. This is what you get when Earth Fae and Glitter Fae compete with each other in non Fae areas. I blame Olivia’s mom for some how convincing my mom in to entering me (and Olivia) into Miss Teen Byron Falls. No Escape! I don’t know what I did to make mom so Mad at me. What ever it is mom I’m sorry and will never do it again! Just tell me what it was! Olivia was eliminated fairly early. Because Ami wasn’t there I ended up with second place. No one knew I knew how to play the Violin. My secret is out. I think if Lolly thought I would beat her, I would have had an “accident” That girl gets scary competitive. I wonder if that’s her star crazy showing up? So on the 4th there’s the hubbub of parade and usual craziness. I couldn’t find Kye all day (turned out he was partying by the pool) What I did find was Snotlings. They look like if you took a creature from the movie critters, shaved it and painted it green, you have a Snotling. The little Boogers were breaking into my room and trying to steal the Hope Chest! I called for Scooby gang back up and went to fight the intruders off. I’m kicking and swinging sending them flying when next thing I know I’m falling into a dark place of pain and agony. It felt like I was in there a life time, but it was probably a few moments. I vaguely remember being crawling out of the chest and blacking out due to pain or drugs. Maybe both. When I woke up Nana was there, caring for me. I had turned a full Huldra. I have a hole in my back my tail has gone crazier, and I look all stretched out. I was already tall. Now I feel twice as tall. Ok maybe a foot or so, but when your constantly hitting your head you feel like Gulliver in Lilliput. My guise looked awkward while it was still reshaping to my new form. Anorexic runway models watch out, here comes Rocky. I look starved to death, but I’m stronger and tougher. My already shoddy attention span is gone. Every thing looks different. I was so out of it, when I saw Warren I almost got my self blasted into oblivion. I accidently made a short joke at him. I forgot I was taller than him before the change. He hates being short, but is stuck with it. I didn’t mean to call him short, but it happened. Good thing I can run fast. Who needs a car to go from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds when you have a Huldra running for her life. On the 5th the Scooby gang got to hang out in Japan for a few weeks. Olivia and Zane were humping like rabbits a good portion of the time. Brandon got Lolly to cos-play and I pretty much ran free all over the place. It was fun. 3 weeks with no disasters to take care of. Best Vacation ever! The Plane ride both ways was horrid! Small, tight, confining places with no where to go or any thing to do. I’m pretty sure Olivia and Zane joined the Mile high club. When we got back I found out Kye is staying in California and wants me to move in with him… This summer seems to like kicking my feet out from under me. I told him I’d have to think about it. I’ve never been to Cali before. I mean, it can’t be worse than Spain or Japan so I’m not sure if it’s the area or the offer that scares me. We haven’t slept together yet and he wants me to move cross country with him. He’s a creature of the sea, and I a creature of the forest. I don’t know if it would work. I’ve not even told him yet I’m a full Huldra yet. I’m losing him to the sea. Do I drag it out and try and painfully hold on, Like trying to hold sea water in my hands; Or do I let him go and wish him all the happiness in the world?



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