Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

Snowy Fun (Two Days with Trixie)

Sunday I went over to Trixie’s to work on homework. I learned that she is a perfectionist as I watched her work. After a couple hours of working, I looked outside the window and saw that the snowfall was getting worse. As we realized we were going to get snowed in, Trixie grabbed some candles and then baby gated her parents upstairs. I grabbed some blankets and pillows from the couch while she started a fire.

The fun fire was interesting, almost like watching an old movie. We realized something was weird about the snow as it fell vary quickly and covered the house. We decided there was not much we could do until the snow melted. Several hours later, I got a vision through a candle. This was a little freaky. After some texting with Mal and the rest of the gang we figured out that we are dealing with a Death Cult.

I was snowed in at Trixie’s house until late Monday afternoon. Her parents never came down stairs once to check on us. There is also very little in the way of food in her house. After the snow cleared up enough, we ended up meeting the rest of the group at the diner. I found out that pretty much everyone had the same vision at the same time and that we were scattered all over town during the snow.

It was a fun two days as I got to spend time with Trixie and learned more about her. We are starting to get more information on the skulls. Mal is learning Romanian to try and understand the writing on the inside of the skulls. I feel like we still know very little and after the visions the time we have is getting shorter. We have to go back to school on Tuesday so things will get back to normal.



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