Byron Falls High School Class of 2015


Today HURT. Went checking out some caves by the lake with Olivia, Parker, and Zane. Olivia and I knew that the boys were brained washed by the occultist. I don’t know what we were thinking. I guess we wanted to keep an eye on them while confirming whether or not the cave was the cultist were using the cave or not. Well the good news is, we know where they are working out of. Bad news is, the boys fall under instant brain wash with face paint. They tried to keep us in the cave as more cultist ran in. Poor Parker isn’t going to be able to enjoy his man bits for a while. I kneed him so hard his eyes actually bugged out, and breathing was really hard for him. Zane’s nuts fared better than Parker, I guess Olivia was a bit hesitant, but he ended up getting a hard hit to the back of the head. With the guys not blocking the escape any more Olivia and I did the only smart thing we could. We ran. Luckily Lolly and Brandon returned from town to to pick us up and help us escape. I grabbed 2 things on the way out. One was a book with several names of students highlighted from the sophomore class and what turned out to be the Hand of Mysteries. That use to be on a living person, I have no idea what it does, but that its a big, bad, magic item that I believe the cultists were using to make my life hell. Well one bad idea isn’t enough with out a chaser. The whole Scooby gang decided to check out the school lockers of the kids named on the book. Being spring break, should be easy. Right? Wrong! Well getting in was easy. We even discovered secret passage ways in the school. Apparently there were peep holes into the girl’s showers. I say were because we moved the holes to the guys showers. Should be a nice surprise to the peepers. But we did discover something. The gym teacher is a ghost! With all the ghosts being sapped for energy, he wasn’t looking so good. If Brandon had ever taken gym, Jumel Morris‘s mystery would have been solved already. I guess it explains why he’s a cranky ol’ bat all the time, and why he never changes. Turns out his face is a latex mask. I think that his love of the school nurse got him killed, but it was his unfinished business of getting the school to the championships that kept him here. Boy is he going to be stuck for a long time! Well we checked all the lockers, found bits of this and that. In one locker we found high level magical elven traps. Nerd boy from silver medows has access to lots of money and magic. Well Money was quickly figured out. He had records of his “tutoring” business. $10-$25 for tutoring lessons, $50 for a paper $400 for a test. I need to get Dustin in on this gig. Well to keep the cult member’s lockers look like they’ve not been specifically targeted, Olivia and I trashed the surrounding lockers. Lolly made us put any valuables into the lost and found. Spoil Sport. Well as we finished that up, we heard the sound of a fight in the library. We ran there to see the librarian knocked out and Nerd boy stashing books into his bag and ducking out the window. Well by this point several signs point to nerd boy being the warlock behind the death cult. He was responsible for several deaths. In hind sight logic was trying to tell me to tread carefully, but instead I saw red and charged him. He threw a litch at me! Well suspicions confirmed. Olivia threw holy water on the litch and we chased Cuthbert Peleg out the window. Lolly and Brandon had circled around to get the car and were driving up when Olivia and I caught up with him, aimed to strike. Hands were starting to pop up out of the ground grabbing at any thing moving, some zombies and I think some ghosts. He spins around and blast us with death magic. Next thing I know we are at Whitewood’s house and the house is in the travers. Whitewood must have panicked when we arrived at his house. I have no idea if his place was the first place we went or not. All I know is that I hurt like I was hit by a …. I lack the words. A meteorite driven by the spawns of hell, in a semi. I’ve used soul points before but this … having all but one point blasted out of me, its a miracle I survived, and that there were no vampires any where near by. I call Mom to let her know where I was. That woman has me trained. If I live through this, I’m so grounded. Maybe for real this time. Lolly and Brandon finally talk Whitewood into landing the house. We find its the middle of the night, a month and a half later; Olivia’s Mom is pissed because she got stuck in the earth bound part of the house for a month and a half; Zombies rule the night (no other night creatures like werewolves and vampires want to be out and about); We missed the spring solstice so Olivia and I can’t get a quick fix of sol points; Worst of all, despite ALL the things we’ve done to foil the plans of the death cult, we have not stopped them one bit. Not even slowed them down! My pride hurts more than the rest of me…. until I try to move. I’m pissed off and hurt and an insanely easy target. Grrr. Its personal now, bitches. If that little punk think he’s going to harm my friends and I just so he can play big bad. The Punk has another thought coming! This is War.



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