Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

Ok so I lied

But I didn’t lie about needing help with something. I did lie about needing help on something Nana taught me. I’m not even sure if Nana even realized that I would try to figure it out on my own (its definitely a “when your older” ability / spell what ever).

While going over Huldra lessons, Nana mentioned that traditionally Huldras are known for Luring men into the woods and they either die or end up having good luck. Well turns out luring some random guy into the woods to die started as an accident that turned into self defense from a charmed man who’s charm wasn’t properly broken. Apparently The Unfortunate Huldra had fancied some mortal man, who turned out to be a rather vile man, who under an attraction charm became so possessive and controlling she fled into the forest from him and he chased after. Either she didn’t know how to or was to scared to brake the charm, possibly even had broken the charm but the man’s mind was made up about her and nothing she could do to change it would have worked. No one is sure of which one is true, even the Huldra in question. So the man chases her in the forest and would not give up, no matter how fast she ran or where she hid. He was a hunter (not sure if it was a Hunter or a hunter the way he acted) After several days she called upon the forest for help (still figuring out that one) and in the end he died. Mortified that it had come to killing she took the dead man to the edge of the forest where some one would find him, and she diapered into the forest. That’s how it all started down hill from there.

I thought I could figure it out on my own. I felt ready even if society says I’m too young. Friggen rule monkeys. I figured Parker would be safe enough to practice on. if not he’d be fun to play with normally, or so I thought. He’s a kind, helpful, and the voice of “god” if things went wrong I knew I could A.Kick his butt, B. Get Garrick to help fix him (I’m sure I could blackmail him if I had too), C. figure something else out. I am sure that Parker’s worse trait is being “Handsy” a make out session wouldn’t go amiss. He’s too much a gentleman to push himself.

I did manage to get him out to the Boutin house and we’re hit by a blizzard. I wasn’t planning on that but hey more practice time. We went lighting the candles and I had a vision from the candle (turns out only the scooby gang got it, but not any one they were with. I felt like something tried to suck my soul out so I snuffed the candle. Parker Was such a gentleman he tried to calm me down with Meditation. Not what I was aiming for. A nice secluded location, alone till the snow melts, and he wants to do meditation. I managed to convince him that I was too tense and begged a neck and shoulder massage to help relax. Not that I could. Every time i closed my eyes I saw that ghostly apparition trying to suck my soul away. Stupid death cult. Not only I was dealing with a failed charm, Mr. Manners who’s not living up to his reputation because of some double standard, I have an attempt on having my soul being stolen. Not a good night. I couldn’t even go run off my frustration.

Next morning I discover that there’s an xbox in the house And I can connect to multi-player. So while trying to settle in for a snow day of video games I told Parker that I really had just planned to have a make out session with him. He Friggen called Lolly to ask her if I was being honest! If his expression wasn’t so funny I would have been more upset. Now Lolly is on my case about what boys I chose to play with. Ugh! I don’t remember why I made an off handed comment about knowing his “god” and talking with him regularly(-ish). It may have been he admitted he wasn’t sure how to handle me. I didn’t swoon over him being the “voice of god” like the other girls do. He got out a note book and quizzed me on what I knew. I humanized Garrick a bit but I did not give his names or address. I Rather not have the Prince of Oaks kick my butt. When he wanted the juicy stuff I told Parker it would cost him. We set parameters he was comfortable with, I finally got the make out session I’ve been wanting. Never did get to log on to shoot people, but this was much better.

Texting with Lolly on the way home was not fun. She doesn’t like Parker, I can understand they got off on an odd foot. But She practically had him on the same level as Devon (may the bastard burn in hell) We argued she was calling me stupid and I pointed out her not so glorious dating moments and choice of boy toys. I’ve never given her a hard time about who she chose, just that I helped clean up the mess afterwards. I asked her to do the same. She reserved the right to say something if she felt it was going too far and I reserved the right to ignore her.

She tried to blame how I’m acting on the loss of Trevor, and that I’m not in my right mind. My Mind has never been clearer. No one is safe. Nothing good lasts. Might as well enjoy them while they are here. I will never have Trevor back. Even if Mal does get his gene therapy thing up and running. Trevor will be full cat again by that point and turning human could break him because he’ll be older and set in his ways, not like a malleable open minded kitten. I rather not break Trevor any more than he already has been. I don’t know of Lolly has ever Mourned over any of her ex’s The one that died, she just had one date with. I don’t think she knows what its like to truly lose some one you love. Hell. She chose one of the safest people to date. A true Immortal and creator of magic. Other than his family finding out and retaliating she doesn’t have to worry about the world destroying him. He can handle himself. Fae and Star are meant to be together. I wish them all the happiness in all the worlds. Just let me Mourn and figure out my own nature in peace. If I need saving I’ll let her know, and she can say I told you so, all she wants.

I know when I’m in trouble. I know when I’m over my head. When I’m in trouble I’ll let her know. For now I wish she’d let me be.



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