Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

Oh Canada

The school field trip has been entertaining so far. With the majority of the town sick with “chicken pox” (not my fault, that was all Mal) the school trip was shrunk down to the scooby gang and Layan. the first hour I did not know such a level of boring could exist. half the van was having a magical theory argument. Talk about Ugh! well I thought I’d spice things up by spiking Witewood’s cupcake, with one of my pixi-sticks. He eats noting but sugar and caffeine any ways it shouldn’t be too bad. Well….. we ended up in Kansas (not far from hunter capitol) within 5 minutes. Considering how we were heading to Canada, that was quite the loopy loo. Well we managed to get to Canada by midnight. Our school approved destination is actually quite near Oliva’s old home. Whitewood crashed while the rest of us hyped up (because we’ve been stuck in a car all day) teens went to the indoor pool to burn off energy till 3 am when the hotel staff asked us to go to bed. Whitewood made a big fuss about how breakfast as at 7am and to be there. HA! the man doesn’t even know what 7am is. Brandon had a problem with the continental breakfast the hotel provided and demanded we go to the restaurant across the street. Lolly had to let whitewood know where we were going. We would have been back and done before he even woke up. pouted and complained but we manage to get some real food. I think he’s hung over. Kelvin and Layan are looking forward to going to the museum. They were a bit sad when Whitewood ended up calling this a rest day. He told us to stay in our rooms and watch movies and order room service…. who does he think he’s kidding? … probably himself. Well Lolly wanted to make sure he slept and needed to de-spike his coffee. So i took the opportunity to show him my new Bikini. His eyes bugged out and he had a heart attack while yelling for me to go put some clothes on. I guess Brazilian style bikini’s are a keeper. Lolly had no trouble giving him the sleeping potion. Mal “discovered” that I’m actually a girl. I guess for the past year and a half I’ve been an it. If I didn’t find it so funny from his reaction I wold have been miffed. I guess this explains 99% of the male population at school. Mal twittered a pick of me in my bikini so lets see if there’s a change of reactions at school. Maybe I should change my school clothes. Well with Whitewood out cold we set off what we really came here for. Find Death. From what Cricket told us was she’s in this area and rides a harley. Well it didn’t take us long. She’s working as a nurse in the hospital. They told me to hit Olivia and looked up ppl she could be visiting who were close to dying.

Well we found her… now what?



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