Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

Of Ferrets and Fey

Dear Diary,
I think I have royally screwed up big time. And I’ve realized I only really write in you when something crazy has happened. Sorry about that. I promise I’ll write some thrilling tales of hockey related victories, once I get my team off the ground. Speaking of, they’re doing really well. No finesse, but that’s never been a necessity for hockey.

And there I go… avoiding the topic.
Well right now, I’m sitting in a park, trying to decide whether to track Mal down, or call him, or go hide. Lolly really laid into me, but she helped me make this nice plate of cookies for him. Which are getting cold, but I don’t think I’m ready to go just yet.

So I think I’ll back up and just blather on about other things.
This past weekend… has kind of sucked. Well, not all of it. But the majority of it.
Lolly had a sleepover, which was super fun, if you don’t mind ghosties and monsters and a house locking you in with them. Then theres the whole unveiling half a dozen friends. Good times. At least we can be honest with them now, sorta. [Margin Note – Note to self: Ask Jeanie to go to a tea party with Lord Albert. Sounds like great fun.]
But even with that, following a little advice from Bil Ami, me and Mal had the best night ever. Which was followed by the best day ever, snuggling up and watching hockey all day.

But we can’t go 24 hours without some sort of supernatural disaster apparently. First we had another creepy girl prowling about, this time in the snow, and then more of those skulls popped up. I’d normally not be so worried, I mean, we were told they weren’t real. Except they look so oddly lifelike… for tiny people.
Anyway, Rocky got a lead concerning them, by breaking one open. They have Russ Romanian of some sort written all over the inside of them, which prompted Mal to go pay Mr. Delano a visit. Apparently Romanian = Vampire thing.
I offered to go with him, but thankfully Mal thinks things through and told me to stay at his house. Hindsight, walking into a house den of vampires is pretty poor decision making.

It was a little awkward, since his uncle was still home, and aside from Thanksgiving, I haven’t actually spoken to his uncle much. But that was soon remedied by his uncle dashing off for work/girlfriend, locking me in the house. That should’ve sent off warning bells, but I didn’t think anything of it. [Margin note; Self: Noticing pattern]
Everything was fine… until it got super cold and the tv started acting weird. Again, not that terrible right? A cold hand to the shoulder? Yes. Terrifying.
Grabbing your cell phone to call for help, only to see the battery slowly draining away, with only enough time to get SOS messages out to two people who could be on the other side of town? I’d like to say I handled it with pride and grace, like a proper unflappable Elf. But that’d be a lie.

Apparently if a ghost will settle for any supernatural if they can’t find an ectomancer to creep out. (Seriously, Brandon’s house was like, just across the street.)
So this creepy girl ghost decided to speak all cryptically through a mirror, she even came out of the mirror a bit, just to point at me and get my attention. All I got from her was a something about not letting a ring of fire be lit. Then she sorta… Aged(?) away from the mirror and everything went back to normal.

Just in time to miss the creepy ghost, Mal and Rocky came to the rescue. Apparently asking even Detention Queen Rocky to get past the Highwind’s security system is a bad idea. Only Mal and his uncle can turn it off. Noted, and will next time go with Mal, even if I just sit in the car.

Rocky had us follow her lead to Thanos, yet another Prince, which I’m still a little disconcerted about. And apparently our little skulls scared the [b]Prince of Death[/b] so much that he ported out of here asap. I have a sinking feeling this is not going to go well.
Couple that with the fact Mal said there are some very powerful vampires in town (again) I’m starting to wonder if the world just hates us.

The night ended on a… interesting note with a regrouping at the diner. (Lolly had to drive. It was great~) Trixie made Vlad almost cry, Mal dumped a glass of water on Trixie, Vlad, Brandon, and Mal had bonding over cars. I even got to have a conversation about the wolves mountain lion bear and the deer salmon with Mal, since he seemed to be taking Lolly outing his… uh… kill count. Finn and mom might think its weird to not care about your boyfriend being a predator, but its just… nature. And Mal isn’t the type to just kill for fun. He’s a good guy, though I need to remember to tell him that.
It was shockingly normal. [Margin note – Except the slip about Mr. Whitewood and Lolly’s mom. I don’t think I’ll hear the end of that one either.]

I also went by mom’s store and picked out one of those mood rings. Mom was excited since its the first jewelry I’ve picked out on my own, and I couldn’t tell her it was for enchanting practice. I’m still not sure I’ve told her about the hockey stick…
It took a bit of work, and its far from perfect, but I now can at least get a heads up if we run into something… dangerous. Vampires, Ghosties, and Werewolves oh my.

Now getting to the whole… main event of Olivia’s Lack of Critical Thinking.
Mal was busy throwing himself into studying Romanian at the clinic, and while I appreciate his passion for learning… It only took 5 minutes to realize Romanian was not for me. So, to save Mal from being distracted, and myself from being bored, I went to train my team some more. I seriously need to get them approved by the Coach. I have a feeling we’d be champions if we could only play.

Rocky had just departed from practice, and I got a sort of… Canadian Blizzard Warning System alert. The air just started getting chillier and chillier, and snow started coming down pretty heavy. I sent the team home and started back towards the clinic. Once it became clear I wasn’t going to make it in time to beat the blizzard, I changed tracks to go home. Except, I couldn’t find my way back. I’ve only been here a short while, but looking back on it, just how lost I got was a little… unnatural. I should’ve been able to see something familiar.

Anyway, it was getting ridiculously cold. I’m used to Canadian winters, and when I moved here, I expected laughable temperatures. I was wrong. [Margin Note – Ask mom which box old coat is in]
I’ll admit, I was a little worried. It doesn’t matter how tough you are, but getting caught out in a blizzard is not something most people can survive.
I was beginning to consider finding a pine tree to hunker down under, apparently they provide excellent cover in snow storms, but a dog came trotting out of the storm and, despite my Lassie joke, led me to a house.
Now, again, I need to work on my warning bell system, because despite stepping over a barrier into a, at the time, snow free yard, and having a faint feeling that the house was familiar, it wasn’t until I was inside that I realized whose house it was.

The person who had drug me inside just as the snow was barreling past the fey circle, was a mountain of a man fey, and after a few moments, I realized it was the Prince of Oaks. And he wasn’t the only Prince in the house. Thankfully Cricket was there, because otherwise I feel I would’ve just self-destructed from anxiety… And after a while I came to realize Garrick and Mister Warren were really nice as well. The other prince present… [illegible scribbles]

Anyway, they brought me in from the storm and I curled up on the couch with Cricket, the safe and reassuring friend that he is. And then the electricity went out. And it was in this manner, Cricket invented a new screaming game. Which was fun, if you disregard the terror I was feeling at the time.
After a moment they lit some candles for illumination, but with what followed next I think I would’ve preferred to sit in the dark.

I was just looking at the candle, and then everything sort of… shifted and I got to bear witness to a rather terrifying scene with a ring of fire [Margin – Damn Ghost Girl], skulls, and a creepy ghost thing that was screwing with these people’s souls and eyes. The last thing I saw was the spirit turning to face me and rushing forward.
I may have sort of overreacted and knocked the candle across the room, and thusly managed to freak out the assembled princes.

My first act was to call Lolly [Margin – Note this.] but she seemed remarkably unconcerned considering the vision, and the fact that we’d seen the same thing… she seemed more concerned that I hadn’t called Mal yet. So I did… And I want to say, in my defense, it only felt like I had been in the house a few minutes… sort of. Not hours. … Alright. I’m ashamed to admit, I don’t know why calling Mal immediately after the storm, or immediately after the vision didn’t occur to me. I just don’t know. Not 24 hours ago he was my first call for the ghost girl, and this time… Yeah. We’ll get back to this.

I should’ve known something was wrong with Mal the moment he picked up, but I reasoned it away as being distracted studying. I mean, the clinic is underground… the storm might not have caught his notice. Romanian looked REALLY difficult.
He too had seen the same vision, and had apparently been more attentive than I, and was writing down symbols he had caught.

Now, this could’ve been 100% okay. Totally. Except he heard Cricket chirping in the background.
And again, I should’ve known something when he passed the phone to Raul. [Margin – By the way, seemss like a nice werewolf.] Raul passed it back shortly, after what in hindsight was probably Mal collecting himself, but the conversation was cut short with a sighting of an unidentified moving creature. I put Mal on hold, with Cricket providing the music, and alerted Mister Warren.
It turns out it was only Thanos’ familiar, Itachi the ferret, who was very insistent on climbing onto my shoulder.

A stroke of brilliance, one of the few I’ve had so far, and I asked Mal to send me a picture of the symbols he was sketching. He had to hang up to do this, which, he was probably more than happy to do… Anyway. I showed the ferret the picture, and it hissed fiercely. Mal was unimpressed with the find, but I think maybe if I get Rocky to talk to Itachi, we can get some information.

It was time for bed after that, and while I was more than happy to just stay on the couch, Mister Warren insisted that I take the bed. Which was really a nice gentlemanly thing to do, even moreso after I realized how limited they were on sleeping space. [Margin – Maybe a cot as a thank you gift? Is that appropriate. Consult Lolly]
Cricket found his way into the bed too, which was a really nice thing for him to do, warding off nightmares I’m sure I would’ve had from that vision. All Almost all the princes are such gentlemen.

Needless to say, after a storm like that one, Monday was a snow day. So I spent the day playing Xbox, and apparently so did everyone else. Aside from Warren, I don’t think the others are very good at Halo, but they seemed to have fun nonetheless.
It wasn’t odd at the time, but being in the same game as Mal, he kept killing Cricket in some… creative ways. Repeatedly. Which was unusual since his “arch-nemesis” StaticHunter was in game…

Fast forwarding past this, the snow had apparently melted enough for people to get out and about when I got a text from Lolly asking where I was. I told her, and resumed trying every flavor of pop-tarts ever. [Margin – The Princes have good taste in food]
Not long after, she turned up with a plate of cookies, which effectively turned into a brawl between brothers, and she ushered me out the door. She made me leave behind a particularly soft and comforting blanket too…

It took a few pointed comments for me to actually come to terms with what happened. And in retrospect… I am never going to ever let my mother catch wind that I spent the night with four Fey Princes… especially the most dangerous of them all. I think she may take to escorting me everywhere if I did.
It was exactly like all the stories I’ve heard. Damsel in distress wanders into a fey circle, and bam. Entranced.

I can’t say I’m upset at them, they did help me. Besides, I doubt Cricket or Mister Warren would’ve let anything bad happen. But I do feel rather extremely foolish.

And the conversation Lolly had with me made it even worse. So… I apparently really hurt and upset Mal with how friendly I am with Cricket. I tried to explain that Cricket is more like… a best friend, partner in crime in the making sort of friend, but apparently that isn’t good enough. And the not calling Mal thing during the storm? Terrible.
After getting it all laid out by Lolly, I really feel like a horrible person. Mal has been nothing but a sweet and loving boyfriend, whose generosity is something I can’t hope to ever repay. And I’m certainly not making progress by snuggling up with Fey Princes.

But while speaking of Fey Princes… I was reminded I hadn’t talked to her about… Vlad.
She assures me she isn’t glittered… which, honestly I’m still not 100% on. And she dismissed the whole… Prince of Magic, destroying the world thing. And her argument was sound… But I did have her on the whole “He’s our Math TEACHER” thing. She didn’t flinch when I compared it to like, Rocky dating Mr. Brogan, but she didn’t come up with a good argument either.

And during all this… well. I had a stowaway. A ferret stowaway.
Who promptly, uh, blackmailed us to keep Lolly and Mr.Whit Vlad’s secret. Needless to say, between that and maybe accidentally discussing Vlad with Cricket in front of the other brothers… I think I owe Lolly a lifetime of repayment too.

With that, I’m all caught up on all the goings ons. Still sitting in the park, working up the courage to a) apologize to Mal and b) ask him to make a ferret a tablet after said apologizing.
Lolly suggested blaming it all on glitter, saying that I couldn’t help myself. But that would be dishonest. I should’ve known better, I know the stories, but I still let myself get taken in… and I can’t deny that it was really fun. And I don’t want to just shift the blame onto the people who helped me. I especially don’t want to give Mal a reason to get near
The cookies are probably cold as ice now. I guess I should go warm them up before I go see Mal.

Signing off for now, hopefully next time I’ll have more pleasant news.



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