Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

New Car and Boyfriend

So I never expect Vlad to call me after Winter Formal, honestly I never expected to see him again after Winter Formal. As I dropped him off, I walked him up to the front door and he had this really odd look in his eyes. Just before he said goodbye I found myself backed into the doorway and his lips on mine. It was actually a fairly chaste kiss but it surprised me all the same.

I texted him about it the next day but he insisted on coming over to talk about it. The end result was agreeing that we’d spend some time together this winterbreak. I was suppose to have more magic practice but somehow I never got around to it, Whitewood seemed inclined to give the break as long as I was spending time with his nephew.

For Christmas Kelvin, CeeCee and myself all got cars it was super cute. It’s black and Dad said I could go get it airbrushed if I wanted. My description of the car wasn’t good enough for Vlad so he had to come and visit. Apparently in Canada you can drive at 15 so he drove it up to the lake and we ice skated all day. Somehow my father got him to promise we were only going ice skating which is a little strange since that’s what the plan was. I got Whitewood some expensive coffee for Christmas but Vlad got me a nice locket necklace with a white rose on it. I don’t know which to wear at this point the dove or the locket.

Right before school started we had that important conversation and decided to add the boyfriend/girlfriend tags to our relationship. I’ll get to see him after school, plus he can drive my new car so I think this will work.



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