Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

First Real Day New School

The first day of class was interesting. I arrived so late in last semester that I basically took self-study for most of the time, so this is the first time out for having a real schedule. My new friends and Trixie, my new girlfriend, are in my home room and most of my classes. This semester should be interesting.

I picked Trixie up for school and she was walking out the door as I pulled up. This getting a little strange as she does not seem the type to wait looking out the window, but she always seems to know when I get there. We got to school a little early and were talking with friends in the hall when Mr. Delano walked up. Really need to put a bell around his neck so he can’t sneak up like that.

Life @ F22

He congratulated me on the show in New York and suggested that do a show here. I told him we could talk about that, but really I am not sure that would be a good idea. We made it to home room right before the bell. This room is bright, like f22 at 1/500th of a second bright. We are taking history and Mr. Obi seems interesting, but I am glad I am dating Trixie, she is smart I am going to need all the help I can get. Oh darn, I have to spend more time with my girlfriend.

Second period shop will be interesting. Not sure Lolly and the gang ended up in there, but it was fun to watch. Turns out this is Rocky’s third time taking shop, so we will be secretly working on a new monical so she can see ghosts. I don’t think she knows what she is asking for. I help Trixie with her picture frame, a pattern that will probably repeat throughout the class. Mr. Brogan is pretty cool, so I don’t think there will be much issue here.


Lunch was interesting. I was glad that I had brought lunch with me because that food was bad compared to cafeteria food. Still there was some entertainment to have and a video to edit. Lolly’s new boyfriend Vlad showed up at lunch, seems nice enough but then Cricket showed up, saw Vlad and took off running with Vlad in chase. Being the nosey people we are, we all followed and I was recording the whole time. We ended finding them in a closet and Mal went all superman breaking open the door and grabbing Vlad’s arm as he looked like he was going to hit Cricket. Mal read Vlad the riot act and then it was time to get to class. I don’t think Lolly is too happy with him.

After lunch was English, I have a future scheduling note for myself; English is not the class to have after lunch. Mr. Charles really likes the cafeteria food as he was having second and third helping as we came in. He told us that we would be studying Shakespeare’s plays this semester. This surprised everyone as he normal is stuck on Hemmingway. We then found out that we would be performing some of the plays in Drama. Maybe Mr. Charles and Ms. Zanthe got together during winter break, but no one is complaining.

The Day Ends

Last period of the day is Ms. Zanthe’s drama class. We discussed the fact we would be doing three plays this semester which means very busy work for us. The first play will be Romeo and Juliet, followed by a Midsummer’s Night Dream and lastly The Taming of the Shrew. When she mentioned the last one I had a flashback to Trixie’s comment about Taming of the Shrew in English class and had an ominous feeling. Auditions form Romeo and Juliet are Friday and I have a hunch that Lolly and Cricket will get the leads. I shall endeavor to stay off the stage. The final bell rang signaling the end to the day and we all headed to our cars.
There was something strange going on after school. We all found little skulls on our cars or the ground. They had very ornate painted faces, so I took pictures of as many as I could. Rocky decided to make a puppet out of one. Trixie was not amused, but I thought it was funny. Mal sent a picture from his phone of a girl walking towards the school with the same kind of face paint. This was a very strange end to the day. After talking Trixie home, I went home and started processing the photos. I will give a copy to Mal in the morning and see what he can come up. I somehow think this is related to what I heard at the dance. This semester is going to be very interesting indeed.



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