Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

First Day Gets Complicated

The first day of school went well, accept for the whole Mr Delano getting read the riot act in his office. Things were loud and then the filing cabinet came through the window and well we decided it was time to leave.

After school we all did the usually things and then ended up at Boutin’s House. Lolly fixed my leg, that was the good news, feeling the bones knit themselves back together not so much, but at least now I don’t need the cast. After that things got strange. It appears someone got a little to full of themselves and ended up banished to Earth.

I don’t know a whole lot about Devyn Scarlet, but I understand he is not the nicest of the Fey Princes. Apparently Lolly did not like him trying to kill her in Freshman year, so she locked him in a mirror. She is turning out to be a great judge of character as he recently tried to overthrow his father and wound up here for his troubles.

Now we have a banished Fey Prince laying on Lolly’s couch and we have to make sure the other princes do not find out about him. This will make the semester so much more interesting. I guess that is par for the course in Byron Falls, you have a good first day of school and then end with trouble falling from the sky.

Crazy little town ain’t it?



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