Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

Feeling Not Great

This semester hasn’t been what I’d thought it would be. I’m an upperclassman (finally!) and heading for my first prom. I should be the most excited girl in town. Instead there is death at every turn, some vampire cultists and a very lonely Valentine’s Day. I don’t know what I am more annoyed at.

Murders at school are pretty high up on my list of being annoyed it. It’s one thing when the vampires kill to survive. I never liked it but I understood that it’s hard for everyone to have perfect control and they have a right to survive. Then their ruling faction came to town and started a war. Not cool. Now they’re trying to re-awaken monsters that all kinds of supernaturals worked together to get rid of the first time. It’s gone too far and the vampires need taken down a peg. I have an idea but it’s crazy. Which might be why I can sell my estranged grandmother on it.

I can handle the vampire cultists, I’m going to make it really hard for them to move around at school. I know the loners feel like vampires are the answer but look at what’s happening to them. I don’t want to see Dwayne and Vilda dead, I need to talk to Dwayne. Plus the whole Ken thing there is no way this is what his father would have wanted. I might call my cousin to visit for the weekend so that Ken can talk to his father. I don’t think he ever moved on after the vampire vs zombie war. Maybe Thanos would help if I ask him but I don’t think he let Mr. Dustan speak through him like my cousin. Stupid Kelvin why couldn’t he be an ectomancer like everyone else in the family. At least I have an excuse…my mother literally burned it out of me.

I miss Olivia for this kind of stuff but she’s moved onto spending time with Zane’s clique. i know they are dealing with their own problems. Probably a lot less life threatening and running with me she was going to end up dead…so it’s easier to just let her go.

The hardest part of the whole year never mind vampires, cultists, crazy mothers, murders and the lack of control around the school has been the lack of Whitewood. It just hasn’t been the same. He was acting funny all of January. At first, I thought it was because of the Valentine’s disaster last year and he was trying really hard to remember and understand that it was an important couple date. Instead he took off without telling me where he was going before the 14th. I haven’t heard a word from him in over 2 months. Then he magically shows up again in the middle of the night He doesn’t even say hello nevermind it’s only Misha around and he already knows everything. All I get is a half assed hello while he’s getting dressed the next day. Even after everyone else left…I still didn’t even get a kiss or “I missed you Lolly”. I just get a lecture about how I should be on lock down so I can sit around and wait for the vampires to summon me. To top it all of he spent the last two months in the Heavens with all the star…literally all of them since they are hiding from the vampires. It wouldn’t have been a problem but he felt the need to hide this from me before he left instead of explaining what was going on. It makes me feel like something did happen that he knew was going to happen before he left….the lack of Vlad or any affection at all makes me feel like he’s guilty and can’t touch me right now. I know when we were fighting he said that I was the only important one and he didn’t care about the others…so why is it that I’m being kept at an arm’s length. Plus, right before then we were in a really weird place physically. We’re both over just kissing and he’s conceded that I have to be allowed to touch Vlad and Vlad has to touch as well. I thought we were in a transition from a little groping to…more. I think we’ve moved back to not even touching….



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