Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

A Really Long Semester

It’s been a really long semester so far, I can’t tell what’s worse that I thought it was a good idea to go find the Grim Reaper or that I have a Death Cult waiting back in Byron Falls for me. I can’t think of anything we can offer up to the Grim Reaper for the information we need. Maybe we’ll get lucky and she can’t be bothered dealing with us so she’ll give us what we want just to get rid of her quicker. Then again given everyone’s luck this semester she might smite us for existing. I know all the stories say she likes game but I don’t think it’s safe to play with her. I know a lot of fey who cheat and I don’t expect better out of her. On top of all this, since Kelvin came along I can’t even get any time with my boyfriend despite the fact he’s chaperoning this trip. Plus I feel a bit guilty about the drugging and lying to Whitewood. I’ll need to be a little sweeter than usual once we get back from our latest and greatest idea. If we get back.



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